Traffic and Logistic Manager

PR - Vega Baja
Pay Rate: $55,000 - $65,000 per year

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Traffic and Logistics Manager

Job description
It is responsible for efficiently planning, coordinating and supervising all logistics and transport operations in the company. Its main objective is to ensure timely and accurate delivery of products and materials, optimizing logistics processes and maintaining high standards of efficiency. Monitor costs, maintain records and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. 


  • Develop logistics strategies and plans that optimize the flow of products from production to customer delivery.
  • Coordinate with production, warehouse and distribution teams to ensure an efficient supply chain.
  • Management of Transport:
  • Oversee transport-related functions, negotiate contracts with carriers and manage shipping and receipt operations. 
  • Ensure that the supply chain complies with established law policies. 
  • Implement strategies to reduce delivery times and improve timeliness. In addition to ensuring the fulfillment of the goals established in relation to delivery and transport deadlines. 
  • Manage and lead work teams and provide feedback in an assertive way. 
  • Assign responsibilities, apply disciplinary measures and provide training to improve staff performance.
  • Attend meetings and perform administrative functions in favor of the organization of the work done. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in management or some similar study.
  • Bilingual. 
  • Previous experience in logistics management roles, traffic (maritime and land), purchasing (International Commercial Terms).  
  • Experience in domestic and international trade. 
  • In-depth knowledge of transport and logistics regulations.
  • Strong skills in maritime contract negotiation and relationship management.
  • Leadership ability and work under pressure. 

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